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5 songs by:

  • The Well Worship (feat. Dominic Nuncio)
  • The Well Worship (feat. Sam Hart)
  • Page CXVI
  • Mandy Dobbleman
  • and Great Dane

Volume 2.1

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12 songs by:

  • The Well Worship (feat. Carl Deese)
  • Sam Hart
  • Stefanie Kelly
  • Jeremiah Bonds
  • Mike Clark Band
  • Rich Kirkpatrick and more…

Volume One

100% of the download/streaming profits bring help & hope to the Hill Tribes of Northern Thailand

Volume One Artists

grand vanityBio

It has been said that this world is all vanity and vexation of spirit. Grand Vanity\’s musical endeavors are a search for the grander side of a dim landscape. Greg and Dani Jong met in London which spawned a partnership spanning marital, musical and continental bounds.


“‘Confession Song’ expresses repentance in its lyrics and was written to help give perspective to the practice of taking communion. It shows an honest self analysis alongside the gift of God’s grace in Jesus.”

Emilie_mock cover


Emilie is a singer-songwriter, college-student, and worship leader. In 2010, Emilie released an EP entitled “My Oh My” that has turned ears to her craft as a writer and vocalist. She strives to spread a positive message and make a difference with her music and her art.


This song was written after hearing a sermon on “Providence” and the sovereignty of God. A scarlet thread can be found throughout all of scripture, leading to the cross. We cannot control all of our circumstances, but we can daily walk with one who does.

dylan mock coverBio

Dylan is a worship-leader and singer/songwriter from San Diego. Nothing matters more to him than to express gratitude for the gift of Grace. He lives to worship God with his unique vocal and guitar-playing style.


Forever King is a song about the eternal reign of our Lord Jesus Christ. It explores aspects of God such as His love, comfort, leadership, protection, and salvation.

jeremiah mock coverBio

Jeremiah started off as a fan of Syntax Records. The artists he heard such as MaxOne and Othello inspired him. That’s how Jeremiah created and fostered a relationship that eventually led to his joining the Syntax staff. Bonds has benefited from both sides of the business, being behind the scenes as well as center stage.


“This song shows agreement among the Church that everything should be done for God\’s glory and He even gets glory through salvation.”

walking water mock coverBio

In 2008, Walking Water started with founding members Channing Queja, Josh Queja, and Kyle Hildebrand. Dynamic changes and powerful choruses have become the most memorable signature of this band’s musical style. Musically their style is diverse, pulling from many different areas of influence, but  the purpose remains the same: connecting people to God.


“This song pictures the setting, atmosphere, and various emotions surrounding the crucifixion.”

Stefanie Kelly mock album cover


Stefanie’s style is an eclectic mix of Pop, Jazz and Rock. Her original music chronicles her life story of a believer who still struggles, but daily finds hope in Jesus. Some of her career and ministry highlights have included performances with Josh Groban, Natalie Cole, David Foster, Israel Houghton, Smokey Robinson, Rebecca St. James, Ralph Carmichael, and Nate Morton (the Voice). Stefanie was also featured as a solo artist at Billy Graham’s Albany, NY crusade.


As a response to the depth of Christ\’s love, I wrote “All For Love” about this very real Gospel – with the broken in spirit at the forefront of my mind.

carl mock coverBio

As a kid Carl picked up a guitar and never put it down. He has been the worship pastor at churches in California, Tennessee, and Arizona. He also became a sought-after guitar tech based in Nashville (Casting Crowns, Skillet, Leeland, among many others). He now lives in CA with his wife Leslie and their two kids.


“It’s a prayer. A lot of times life happens, everything isn’t perfect, and we just need to cry out to the Lord and ask for love & peace. That’s why I wrote it.”

Rich CoverBio

Rich has been a musician, songwriter, worship leader and pastor in a local church for most of his adult life. Nowadays, You can find Rich speaking at worship conferences or hosting his blog (in the top 50 of religion blogs over the past 7 years) where conversations about belief, creativity and leadership converge. Rich has two teens, and is married to the love of his life, a school principal.


“In 2010 I took a trip to rural Ethiopia. Seeing how people responded in true religion to break the cycle of orphanhood in that way inspired me. An ocean, filled with tears, cries for us to hear. James calls us to true religion, and this song is a rally cry to live that out!”

Sam Hart coverBio

By age 18 Sam had recorded several indie-albums in addition to writing hundreds of songs. Later, as a member of the group Sackcloth Fashion, he toured the country, performing with many notable artists and bands. After playing in several bands in his early 20s Sam began leading worship full-time. Upon realizing that he was no longer interested in hustling for his own notoriety and affirmation within the music business, Sam founded Missional Music in an effort to promote quality music that makes a difference.


James Duren (co-writer): “In this world, hope is a big deal. In heaven, glory is a big deal. This song was our way of bringing these two together.”

mike clark mock albumBio

The Mike Clark Band originated in San Diego, California in 2007. Over the span of 6 years they have written over 75 songs, 4 albums, played at over 100 churches and around the world including the orphans and prisoners in Malawi, Africa. “The heart behind the band is simple,” says Mike Clark, “It\’s to help others connect to the Father’s heart through singing praise to Him.” The band’s clean sound and insightful lyrics come out of a place of gratitude and reverence for all that God has done and rescued them from . . . an eternity without God. John 4:23 “But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him.”

troy mock coverBio

Troy once walked the streets of South-east LA trying to be somebody that people respected…even feared. Now he lives to tell anyone who will listen about a God who has given Troy a new identity, peace, hope, and a purpose.


“I’m always speaking about not doing music for my own personal gain, now I’m simply putting my money where my mouth is. Others may criticize my decision to give my music away, I tell them that my rewards aren’t here, but stored away at my Father’s house for the day that I come home!”

61ashes mock cover2Bio

Our songs are an overflow of gratitude for what God has done for us, life testimonies, and declaration of freedom in Jesus!!


Sweetest Love: Was the realization of Christ truly calling us and setting us apart from this world; that our lives need to be radically different. In the chorus we are celebrating Christ\’s love for us as being the Sweetest Love we will ever know or experience!